GoGoGorillas In Norwich If you are on a boat this summer we at www.thebroads.tv would highly recommend you moor at Norwich, but be careful there are gorillas on the streets. The Go Go Gorillas outdoor art trail has 53 life-sized creations and 67 baby gorillas are on show at different locations around the city. You will be able to explore the trail and see how many spectacular gorillas you can find.


Partridge GorrilaEach gorilla has been decorated in a variety of colourful and exciting artwork, produced by professional artists, schools and community groups. And Aha! The newest member of Norwich’s gorilla art trail has just been revealed as a very special tribute to the city’s man of the moment, the hapless radio presenter Alan Partridge.

This event ends in on the 7th September 2013 and there is a charity auction where you can bid for you favourite gorilla in October 2013. Be warned to see them all will take most of the day, so we at www.thebroads.tv would suggest that you relax, take your time and enjoy the other tourist site of Norwich, such as the Cathedral and Castle.