When we heard that Thurne Mill on the Norfolk Broads were having a sponsored abseil, we thought that this was something we had to see. After all, it’s not often that you get to see someone climb through a windmill’s sails and then hurtle to the ground on a rope! So, Easty jumped in his car and headed to the only working windmill left on the Norfolk Broads, with video camera in hand.

And what a sight it was, abseilers arrived by foot, car and even boat, to help raise over £2000 to keep the mill sails turning

With safety first, everyone was given full instructions and the appropriate safety equipment, before they took the long anxious climb up the inside of the mill.

After a few tentative steps, Mill Owner Debra Nicholson was first down, cheered all the way by friends on the ground

Inside Thurne Windmill - Norfolk Broads - TheBroadsTV

Inside Thurne Mill

It was’t long until those being sponsored were also taking on the challenge of climbing through the sails ready to step off the mill.

Thurne Dyke drainage mill was built in 1820 at the mouth of Thurne Dyke on the Norfolk Broads. This beautiful mill was saved from destruction by Bob Morse in 1949, when the mill was lying derelict and was eventually restored with the assistance of the Norfolk Windmills Trust

In 2008, ownership moved to Debra Nicholson who with friends, family and many other volunteers, have since worked hard to maintain the mill.

The mill is open to the public every other sunday during the, but we would suggest that you go to www.windenergymuseum.co.uk to find out full details including opening times.